Olalla Castro – F

Working as an archive, the project F for Forest uses the trip between home and abroad, between one place and another to gather, reinterpret and modify found images (of forest) in translation. It deals with the combination of visual image and language, between local and foreign.

So far, the preparation of a booklet, which will be part of a sculptural piece, leads to this kind of photography shown above.

Linked locations (at the moment):

Beijing – Old Summer Palace (China)
Orléans – Chambord (France)
Lugo – Os Ancares (Spain)



'de Moanne' wol in breed en kreatyf poadium biede foar aktuele en skôgjende bydragen oer kultuer en de keunsten. 'de Moanne' lit sjen wat der yn en om Fryslân spilet, yn taal, byld en nije media. 'de Moanne' ferskynt op it web, op papier en organisearret 'live'-moetingen.