• 27 augustus 2014

    Framing a forest.          

  • 8 juli 2014

    Olalla Castro - F

  • 20 juni 2014

    A forest as a container. A wood(en) container.

  • 21 mei 2014

    Working as an archive, the project F for Forest uses the trip between home and abroad, between one place and another to gather, reinterpret and modify found images (of forest) in translation. It deals with the combination of visual image and language, between local and foreign. So far, the preparation of a booklet, which will be part of a sculptural piece, leads to this kind of photography [...]

  • 14 april 2014

    F for Forest. From Beijing to Lugo, from East to West. Layers of branches, layers of letters and strokes. Mixed materials from one place and another gather to reinvent the concept of a forest (as an accumulation). Wood, paper, prints, silk, emptiness, space. Work in progress where the character 木 /mu/ which means tree or wood converts into the character forest 森林 /sen lin/ which is formed by 3 "mu's" on top of each other(森) plus [...]