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Publisearre op 11 september 2014

Writing is the transforming process of spoken language through the symbolic representation of sound,which allows for the exchange and preservation of memory and information. Writing systems are a human creation, part of an artificial and human-conceived code which makes sense only when interpreted under the light of a cultural system.

Like language, writing evolves with its speakers, growing and adapting to their needs and overcoming the restraints of time and space inherent to physical interpersonal communication.

Once learned, writing becomes inscribed in the individual, part of the human nature and condition. Rules cannot be unlearned and wherever we find them, patterns will be recognized and interpreted regardless of our will. Types become organic, primary elements of communication, adapting and evolving with the human nature.

However, landscapes can also be molded and interpreted by Man, imprinting their presence on the land, influencing and creating new formations. This consequently raises the question of identifying the boundaries between Man and nature, and where these elements collide. Speech and writing are in this context exclusive to the human nature, unintelligible to any other form of life.

Letters imprint memory and communicate with those who interpret them. Without culture they are just blurred images.

This image, the word, paints pictures and explains concepts.




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